Saturday, October 1, 2011

Vintage Fright cards

Last night, I got to teach a fun little class at Simple Pleasures called "Vintage Fright Night". The students and I had a great time creating these vintage inspired cards using scanned art, Tim Holtz dies and stamps and lots of distressed papers. I'm not really sure why this holiday appeals to me so much, but I know it's rubbing off on the boys. So far this year we have made 5 trips to the various Halloween stores that sprout up in empty store fronts. After one such trip, my 3-year old, Lasson, asked me if zombie babies like bunny rabbits and we've called Harrison the "Creepmeister" since he was about 2. My mom swears it's because I let my boys watch "Nightmare Before Christmas" before they even turned three. I guess they have a little Tim Burton in them. I can think of worse Hollywood people to be fascinated with. I personally think he's a creative genius.

And as for zombie babies liking bunny rabbits? I'm not really up on the preferences of the Undead, Lasson.

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