Monday, October 3, 2011

I'm Watching You . . .

Okay, I'm obsessed with Pinterest. Started in on the site only a month ago and have probably been on it everyday since. Someone like me, who is total visual, it couldn't be a bigger bonanza. Combine with the fact that I will surely tackle any craft under sun, creative combustion will ensue. Sometimes the idea is perfect as is and other times the ideas are just a jumping off point for my creative brain.

The "Eyeball Wreath" is one of those quick little projects inspired by Pinterest. Wood frame from my stash, Dollar Store package of googly eyes, a little black paint, chip board letters, and a scrap of ribbon became the perfect Halloween wreath for my door. So it was really eight packages of googly eyes. Especially because it's not like anyone elses, except maybe the person who posted it on Pinterest.

Watch out Pinterest. Me, and my hundreds of googly eyes, are watching you!

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