Monday, September 26, 2011

Today, I think I'll share Lasson's 3rd birthday party. We had a wonderful little safari with all his nursery friends. He's be ordering a cake with animals from "Grammie's Bakery" for over 6 months, including a specific reference to it needing a snake. We'll as you can see Grammie out did herself again. The cake was amazing. I lucked out to find some cute buckets on clearance from Michaels that I jazzed up and we ordered cute pith helmets and binoculars for the great safari. Thanks to big brother/safari guide, Harrison, the kids sought out and found lions, crocodiles, elephants and foraged a racing river/garden hose. Luckily lunch sustained us at the park.

Okay, Okay, I've been promising for over a year that when Lasson started preschool I would update my blog in a timely manner. Well that day is today. We sent that little guy off to school with only a few tears, but those were by Mom! Never have a known a kiddo so independent and ready for school. After we took a few pictures and put on his backpack, he was ready to walk the 5 blocks to school on his own. Needless to say, his Dad and I took him by the hand and walked him down to school.

Love that little guy and his 3-year old gumption. He's overcome a lot in a short amount of time and I look forward to seeing him blossom as he learns. He's smart as a whip and will give his teachers a run for their money.