Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Chicken or the Egg Vintage Paper Mache Boxes

Just in case you missed it:

Friday, March 27th
6pm to 9:30pm

Which came first the chicken or the egg? In this class it's both! We will create a stack of three egg shaped boxes that will fit in perfectly with the other seasonal boxes we have created. The ones I was able to get are darling, but a little smaller than others we have done, so I added a darling vintage inspired nest complete with paper clay chick and eggs. It's primitive and whimsical and he just plain makes me happy

Monday, March 9, 2015

Spring Studio Classes

Holly Bliss Designs
Class Schedule March through June 2015

General Policies:

-All class sign ups are through "Sign up Genius". This makes it fair because it is all in one place
and acts as first come basis.

-If you are a current student, classes may be paid for the night of class, BUT there is a one strike policy. If you fail to show and pay then you will be required to prepay any future classes. If you are a new student you must prepay and attend 3 classes to meet current student status.

-If you need a kit, use sign up genius and email or message me so I can accommodate another student if possible. 

-If you need a kit, use sign up genius and email or message me so I can accommodate another student if possible.

-If you prefer to pay by credit card you must email me and I will provide a paypal invoice that must be paid before class night.

-Cancellations must be made 72 hours prior to class for a full refund, if prepaid, or you will be expected to pay for class and will receive as a kit. If I can fill the class from a waiting list you will not be expected to pay for class. Cancellations may only be made by phone call to instructor, me.

-Earn a 50% off class by bringing a friend as a new student AND they sign up for another class within the next 6 months.

-If a class fills email me to be placed on a waiting list, if I have the supplies and at least 5 students I will schedule another session.

-Remember this is a new endeavor for me and I am open to class ideas and other ideas that make this a great, creative time for everyone.

-You must bring a basic class kit that includes all adhesives, scissors, bone folder and tape runner for papers. I use 3m foam tape to build up most cards and paper projects.

-Sample pictures (first 4 classes) are on Holly Bliss Designs Facebook page. Hoping to have the rest in the next week or so.

2 Sessions
SATURDAY, MARCH 21 9am to 12pm OR
SATURDAY, MARCH 21 1:30pm to 4:30pm
Cost $30

This darling wood sign is the perfect decoration for your front porch or inside on your mantle. It is designed to look like a vintage Chocolate shop sign. It's large 12" by 36" and is lightly distressed and waxed for protection. Wear old clothes as you will be painting. It will become a favorite Easter decor for years to come.

6pm to 9:30pm

Which came first the chicken or the egg? In this class it's both! We will create a stack of three egg shaped boxes that will fit in perfectly with the other seasonal boxes we have created. The ones I was able to get are darling, but a little smaller than others we have done, so I added a darling vintage inspired nest complete with paper clay chick and eggs. It's primitive and whimsical and he just plain makes me happy

6pm to 8pm

Ever wonder what to do with a box load of paper scraps? Or ribbon? Well, in this class you will help me get rid of a bunch. We will all create 7 cards that will be based on 7 on the same designs but may have a complete different color scheme than your neighbor. It will all depend on what I pull out and how I can make them go together. I promise it will be fun to see the variety we create and maybe even trade.

6pm to 8pm

With weddings, showers, Mother's Day and other celebrations coming up you will love this set of elegant cards. They feature a lovely color scheme of purple, turquoise and a great shade of green. They are embellished with ribbon and pearls and a touch of gold metallic. These are different than the usual "Holly" cards but you will still love their Beauty.

2 Sessions
THURSDAY, APRIL 30 6pm to 8 pm OR
FRIDAY, MAY 1 6pm to 8pm

Birthday cards are always the ones we run out of first and creating a new theme is challenging for me, but looking back I realized I have never done a series based on vintage images. We will create 7 cards that use vintage art, papers and ephemera and lightly distress them. If you have a Distressing pad by Tim Holtz bring it tonight. You will love these darling, vintage cards.

6pm to 8pm

Father's Day, graduation and birthday cards for all the men in your life. Since I always lean a little to the girly or whimsical side it's stretches my creativity to create these cards, but it's always worth the effort. Seven cards that celebrate manhood and make sure you have the perfect one for your guy, even if they are only 11.

6pm to 11pm

Want to have some time to create with the friends we have made through classes? Want to pick Holly's brain for ideas or maybe have her help cut something fun? Maybe you would like to see and make one of my leftover class kits. This is the night to come and do it. Bring those pages and projects over. I will let you use my tools and books to create and kits will be available for purchase. I will have some snacks too! The last thing I'm sure we will do is laugh a lot.

2 Sessions
THURSDAY, MAY 21 6pm to 8pm OR
FRIDAY, MAY 22 6pm to 8pm

Ah, it seems so far away right now but it will be summer before we know it. This series of cards is inspired by paper that I feel in love with. Rich red, bright pink, turquoise and lovely green make for a garden of paper craft delights. Flowers, garden tools and ladybugs are all here and did I say, I love these cards?

10am to 12pm
Another wonderful porch sign that celebrates America. This red, white and blue beauty is vintage inspired and lightly distressed. You will love the patriotic theme and what could be more inviting to your home. It's big at 12" by 36" and we will finish it off by waxing it to help protect it from the elements.

2 Sessions
THURSDAY, JUNE 11 6pm to 8pm OR
FRIDAY, JUNE 12 6pm to 8pm

Summer days are upon us and get ready for an old fashioned celebration. These cards are vintage inspired and use Graphic 45 papers to celebrate summer and patriotism. You will feel just like you are at the beach on a shore. Even if you live in landlocked Colorado!

9am to 1pm

Ever want to translate some of the skills we learn together to a new medium? We will take some of my paper piecing patterns and create a wonderful wool felt design that can be framed or made into a pillow. Wool felt is truly the easiest appliqué ever. No turning of edges and requires a simple in and out stitch. If you can sew a button you can wool felt appliqué. I promise you will fall in love with this Lady Liberty! Since this is the first time I will ever be teaching this, I'm not sure we will finish on class day. If you need to take it home I promise I will help you finish into either a wall piece or pillow. You will need to purchase your own 11" by 17" frame or stuffing for a pillow. PLEASE BRING: Sharp sewing scissors and a 8" embroidery hoop.

6pm to 9pm

Hooray for the summertime and everything patriotic. Join us and create these 3 scrapbook spreads (6 pages) for summer including July 4th and picnic time. You will love the way these make your pictures look and have fun doing them.every thing is all prepped and ready for you to assemble.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Little Easter Bunny . . . Start of Something BIG!

It's DONE!
It's off to the quilter for you my little friend. You are my first applique project designed from beginning to end. Now to sit don and write your directions. Though I have written countless card instructions, this intimidates me. Buckle up and hop to it! You know you are just the start of something big . . . my own line of patterns. In a year from now I hope to debut at Quilt Mart in Houston. Wish me luck!

My "Punny" Valentine cards

 I always teach two valentine card classes each year at Simple Pleasures. One is unabashedly romantic and the other is suited for a kids sense of humor. These all use the silliest of puns, but somehow they still make me smile. Enjoy! The sources for each cut are at the end of the post.

"I'm over the MOON for you"
"Sending you HOGS and kisses"

"You FLOAT my boat"

"You are the TWEETest"
"You're the BERRY best"

"BUZZ on over Valentine"

The entire "Punny" Valentine collection.

Cow, Watermelon, Bee - Miss Kate's Cuttables, Flip Card - Sizzix, Pig, Strawberry, Bird - Lettering Delights, Boat - Holly Bliss Design

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Valentine Pillow Tutorial

Pick a selection of pinks and reds  

Okay, I start this project with a selection of my favorite pinks and reds. Not a hard thing to do since my fabric stash weighs heavily to the red colorway. Doesn't take much, about 9, 4" squares.

Typography tracing
Next I head over to the computer and print off a capital X, O, and a heart. The font is Rockwell bold and the heart is from some clip art on my computer. Dingbats usually have a heart or trace a cookie cutter. Trace the letters on to Reynold's freezer paper on the dull side using a permanent Sharpie marker. You will need 4 X's, 4 O's, and one heart. I sized them to be about 3 inches tall.

Roughly cut out the freezer paper shapes apart and iron onto the right side of the chosen fabric. Use a hot and dry iron with no steam. Cut a piece of fusible web slightly smaller than fabric and iron onto backside according to manufacturer's directions. Heat and Bond Lite works great for this type of raw edge applique.
The cutting process

Now you are ready to cut out your letters and heart. Always use sharp scissors and come up from the bottom. Especially when you cut the interior of the O. You will find you have much better contriol and the freezer paper gives the fabric stability.

And then the ironing

For the base of my pillow I used a home decor fabric that kind of looks like burlap, but is way softer and way, way less stinky.  My pillow is 16" x 16", so the square on the front is exactly that size. I started by finding the center and marking it with a small crease, then I iron on the O in the center. Next, I finish the middle row by ironing on the Xs on either side. Then do each row, above and below, the middle. Make sure you like spacing before you iron! there is no turning back.

All in place and ready for stitching fun

Now for the stitching, I use a machine quilting foot that just hovers over the fabric. I drop the feed dog so that I am controlling the fabrics movement. I also use my linebacker gloves. Just kidding! That's what my husband calls them, but they are Fons and Porter quilting gloves that have rubber dots that help you grip the fabric. It doesn't hurt that they are red! I also use a needle down position so that when I stop the needle will hold my position. And just begin to outline each letter. Get a little loose and free! It is a lot like doodling and loosely tracing around the letters. You do not want it perfect. I repeat, YOU DO NOT WANT IT PERFECT. That being said, you can always practice on some cheap muslin or ugly fabric in your stash. I usually go around the letters two or three times.

This is the backside. You can see how "sketchy" it is.

Backside pieces

The next step it to cut two 16" x 11" cotton rectangles for the back side. These will overlap and allow you slip a pillow form into the case. I like doing seasonal pillows like this so I can easily change them out and more importantly, don't take a HUGE amount of storage space. Along the 16" side, on both pieces, turn, press 1/2 from edge and repeat for a hemmed edge.

Pinned and ready to sew.

Doing the hem thing

Stitch along the edge of the hem. I used thread to match the fabric. Make sure to repeat on both of the background pieces.

Start by pinning one half of the back onto the appliqued front. Then pin second half to the front. it will overlap in the middle about 2 1/2". This is the opening used to insert the pillow form. Make sure you have right side together. Ooops, first time I didn't and had to rip out a good 6 inches before I realized it.

When you are done stitching around the entire pillow clip the corners at a 45 degree angle. Don't clip the stitching.

Backside, center opening and zigzag finishing stitch
Because I was using a loose weave, home decor fabric, I decided to stabilize the seam by zigzagging around the entire edge of the pillow. This will prevent the seams from pulling out with use. (I know it has hugs and kisses, but in a house with just boys it is likely to become a weapon at some point)

The finished pillow
Hope you have fun creating your own Valentine pillow for someone you love!

Holly Bliss

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Showing off a little love . . . Romantic Valentine Cards

I'd like to claim that when I design cards that it's all my design sense that makes them come together. In this group of cards a actually have to say it was the pink floral paper. I was so GORGEOUS with just a hint of sparkle. And it paired so perfectly with red stripe and pink polka dot. Took me back to making valentines when I was a kid, with a stack of Dennison gummed foil hearts and Wilton doilies. Why did lick 'em stickers taste so awful?

Newest Applique Project

Sweet little 4 inch blocks
Before the applique starts.

Hippity, Hoppity Easter is on it's way.

Close up on the applique details.

I'm loving my sewing machine right now, well that and my two hands. Applique is really fun and satisfying to do. You will find this as a pattern sometime soon. I use the freezer paper and starch method for my applique and then sew it on by hand. No shortcuts on that process I am afraid. Can't wait to get it quilted.