Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Creating For Classes

Well, I've been busy planning and creating for classes as well as for myself. One of my personal favorite classes that is coming up is glass etching at Simple Pleasures. I can remember etching glass years ago when I had to hand cut all the contact paper. Luckily now I have a vinyl cutter or I can also use my Cricut and Silhouette. It's really a simple process.
1. You cut the vinyl (You can get it from Provo, Quickutz or email me and I'll sell you some.
2. Take away the areas you'd like etched. Remember to reverse your type if you plan to etch the bottom of a casserole.
3. Adhere to the clean glass, making sure to smooth any bubbles that the acid can leak under. I clean my glass with rubbing alcohol, Windex can cause bubbles.
4. Apply acid cream (Available at Hobby Lobby, Michael's, art supply store or you local stained glass store). Make sure to do this with a thick layer and I always leave it on twice as long as the directions (I'm a rebel, I don't follow directions).
5. Rinse very generously under cool tap water, making sure you get off all traces of the acid cream.
5. Peel away the vinyl and enjoy your creation.

PLEASE NOTE: Wear protective gloves and eyewear when working with acid.

You get to see the fun things I've been working on in my pictures. Now I'm off to finish up my first quilt pattern. Anyone interested in testing it for me? Serious quilters only.

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